Reasons for participating

Argentina Oil & Gas Expo is the most important exhibition of the energy industry in the country and is positioned in the international calendars of this type of events.

It represents many advantages and offers benefits for the entire industry. It is a great opportunity that shows the development of the sector every two years.

For SMEs, the event means the possibility to show their spectrum of products and/or services, introduce the technological advances and even exchange experiences. It is the ideal place to capture new clients and strengthen the relationship with the existing ones.

Leading companies get the opportunity to reinforce their brand image.

Besides, the fact of participating gives the exhibitor the chance to promote the diffusion of novelties to be shown in the exhibition (new technologies, services and products, technical talks) by sending this information to the press team that will evaluate if it is newsworthy and forward it to the specialized media

Needless to say, it is a strategic tool.