Exhibitor profile

Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2017 will host national and foreign companies related to the commercialization, production and services connected to the oil and gas industry, such as:

  • Companies operating well drilling and completion areas: equipment, services, consumable materials and others.
  • Companies operating in the exploration area: services.
  • Production of oil and gas: installations, materials, control instruments and well services.
  • Treatment and transfer of oil and gas: facilities for processing, storage, measurement and transfer, large pipelines for oil and services.
  • Transportation of oil through large pipelines: materials and services.
  • Transportation of gas through large gas pipelines: installations, materials and services.
  • Maritime transportation of oil and gas.
  • Distribution of gas.
  • Refining of oil: oil refinery.
  • Commercialization: storage plants, service stations, liquefied gas fractionation.
  • Companies dealing with safety, corrosion prevention, IT, environmental protection, materials and services.
  • Banking and financial institutions or entities promoting and supporting the industry.
  • Agents, distributors, representatives or similar that commercialize products, machines or services; technical publications of books and specialized magazines.
  • Official bodies related to the oil and gas industry at a foreign, national, provincial and municipal level throughout the country.
  • International bodies dealing with the economic, technological or financial development of the oil, gas and related products industry.
  • Companies involved in transportation and cargo (air and fluvial, maritime, rail and land) that contribute towards exports of the industry’s products.
  • National and foreign companies offering foreign technology to be applied to the development of our industry, settling down of capital, national manufacturing licenses, Know how, joint venture and similar.