The professionalization of the industry and the promotion outside the country’s borders are other fundamental pillars of the exhibition. The acquisition of competences and the training on the latest technologies are encouraged through its academic program.


  • The CEOs Meeting is a series of conferences that gathers the leaders of the hydrocarbon industry’s principal companies, which will provide valuable information based on their know-how and experience. The talks will be held from September 26 to 28, at 6 pm. The executives who have already confirmed their participation are: Marcelo Tokman, from Enap; Daniel De Nigris, from ExxonMobil Exploration Argentina; Horacio Turri, from Pampa Energía; Germán Macchi, from Pluspetrol; Teófilo Lacroze, from Shell Argentina; Carlos Ormachea, from Tecpetrol; Jean-Marc Hosanski, from Total Austral; Gustavo Albrecht, from Wintershall Energía; and Miguel Gutiérrez from YPF. The activity is free of charge. It requires pre-registration at AOG Expo. 

  • 3rd Latin American and Caribbean Congress on Drilling, Completion, Repair & Well Service: Aware of the importance of the challenges of this activity in today's world, the IAPG wants to provide a response to the need for increasing knowledge required for drilling, completion, repair and service of wells in traditional fields, as well as in mature and non- conventional, compact sand, schistous clays (tight sands, shale gas, shale oil, etc.). In the Congress will participate producing companies, drillers and of services with activity in Latin America and outstanding personalities and experts in the mentioned subjects. 

  • Sustainability Panel: “The contribution of the O&G industry to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda”. Prominent specialists analyze from different perspectives how and to what extent can the Argentine Oil and Gas sector contribute to the SDGs agenda promoted by the United Nations. The panel is organized by the IAPG Sustainability Subcommittee. The activity will be held on September 27th at 3.30 pm in the Ceibo Room (B/C), White Pavilion, La Rural Trade Center. It’s free of charge and requires pre-registration at AOG Expo. 

  • Human Resources Panel: “Diversity and Integration in the O&G industry: experiences and ideas”. Different specialists analyze the role of the New Generations, as well as Women and Disability in Today's work environment, including the enriching elements that contribute to HR Management. The activity will be held on September 28th at 3.30 pm in the Ceibo Room (B/C), White Pavilion, La Rural Trade Center. The panel is organized by the IAPG Human Resources Committee. It’s free of charge and requires pre-registration at AOG Expo.
  • Exhibitors’ Conferences are an enriching experience for participating companies to make technical and business presentations, launch their products and carry out live equipment demonstrations. The former edition of the trade fair presented 53 productive conferences.


  • The International Matchmaking Program of the Oil & Gas Industry offers a strategic tool for potential foreign buyers to contact Argentine Oil & Gas producers ready to export. During the tenth edition of AOG Expo 634 meetings were held, with companies from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica and Mexico. This represents a profitable manner to start talks with foreign companies.
  • AOG Channel: AOG Expo 2015 minute by minute. A large screen located at the accreditations area and televisions distributed in the halls will transmit what is going on at the different spaces of the trade show. Besides, it will show interviews to visiting professionals and exhibitors. It will be broadcasted simultaneously by the official web and by You Tube.


Focusing on the new generation of professionals

  • JOG Talks: Oil and Gas Young Professional bring together the most prestigious referents of the oil and gas industry and students in an attempt to connect them with the energy that moves the world. The current leaders share their knowledge with those who have joined the labour market recently. The past editions of the JOG meetings have dazzled more than 200 young professionals.